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Where We Work

Each of the places where we work, called our regions, has a distinct story and a local community to join in helping all children reach their full potential.

Learn more about all of our regions below, or visit our Corps Member Placement Map to interactively explore the places where you may apply to teach.
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Corps Member Placement Regions

We currently place corps members in over 40 regions. When you apply, select the region you want to teach in the most. If accepted, you will be placed in that region. You can also choose up to two alternate regions that interest you, if you'd like. 

  • Use the Corps Member Placement Map, powered by Avela, to research regions in depth and filter by criteria that are important to you. 
  • Once you've identified the regions you're most interested in, use our Compare Tool to view details like cost of living, salary, GPA requirement, and summer training dates side-by-side and narrow down your selections.  

Alumni Innovation Regions

While all our regions are meaningfully invested in the impact of their local alumni networks, select regions are focusing on a new approach to alumni leadership, learning, and impact, and not bringing in a corps at this time. 

Alumni Innovation Regions will focus primarily on developing alumni-specific programming as a key lever to drive local impact. Their efforts will produce insights and accelerate organizational learning to reach our 10 year goal: By 2030, twice as many children in communities where we work will reach key educational milestones indicating they are on a path to economic mobility and a future filled with possibility.

All Regions

Click on a region below to learn about the region's history, community, and impact in greater detail. 

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