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Teach in the Corps

Inequity of all kinds can be fought from the same place where possibility lives: a classroom. If you care about creating a more just world, why not teach?
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The Basics

Our corps members teach full time for at least two years in schools that are underserved due to systemic racism and/or poverty. Corps members are: 

  • Selected by Teach For America
  • Trained and supported by Teach For America
  • Hired by a local school or district
  • Paid the same salary and benefits as other new teachers
  • Certified to teach while in the corps 
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Why Join

Education is the most powerful lever we have to create a more just world. And it starts with individual kids, classrooms, and communities. 

As a teacher, you’ll have a meaningful impact with kids right away. Over time, you will build relationships that change you, find a community, and gain skills that transfer to leadership in any sector. 

With Teach For America, you’ll earn a living and live your values every day at work. Check out some of the financial and career benefits corps members receive.

Choose Your Location

The students you teach are loved and shaped by the communities where they live. Successful teachers become part of those communities with kids, their families, and neighbors. The place you teach, whether it’s where you grew up or somewhere new, becomes your home.


We let you choose that home during the application process. You can apply to one, two, or three of our regions. If admitted, you’ll teach in one of the places you selected.


Prepare to Teach

Prepare to Teach

Teaching is heart work and hard work. Really hard work. We’ll prepare you for your first day in the classroom and be by your side every day after that. Our goal is to help you find success with your students and sustainability in your career.

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Meet Your People

This experience starts with a two-year commitment and continues for a lifetime.

A lifetime of advocating for your students. A lifetime of leadership. And a lifetime of friendships. We hear from corps members again and again that the connections they form are one of the most surprising, lasting and beneficial aspects of joining the program.

How to Apply

Applications for our 2024 corps are currently closed. Sign up to learn more and be notified when our application reopens in August.