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In our nation's smallest state, Teach For America is part of a community working to create big opportunities for all Rhode Island students. Here, the "Rhode" to change starts with you.

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Rhode Island is perhaps best known for its miles of coastline and centuries of history. As one of the oldest cities in the nation, Providence, Rhode Island’s capital, continues to function as a cultural hub of greater New England. Today, in addition to its sandy shores and autumn leaves, Rhode Island is renowned for its diverse and delicious cuisine, vibrant communities, and a culture of arts and innovation. Rhode Island is a small state, but it packs a big personality.

We are looking for leaders who are not afraid to tackle challenges that are steeped in nuance and tradition. Once the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, Rhode Island is now struggling to find its identity in the 21st century. The educational landscape has failed to adjust as jobs moved from manufacturing to the service industry, and as a high school diploma and college degree have become increasingly necessary to start a career. Today, educators are embracing innovative learning strategies, including the use of technology, to fully prepare students for careers in an ever-evolving future.

With currently one third of students in the Providence Public School District identifying as English Learners, we have a huge opportunity to educate the next generation of leaders in Rhode Island. However, current education results for English Learners remains disproportionately low. We need leaders who are committed to ensuring that all students in Rhode Island have access to a quality public education.

Since its founding in 2010, Teach For America Rhode Island has worked to empower both corps members and alumni to work for equity. Informed and inspired by their students, many alumni choose to teach in high-need schools and communities beyond their two-year commitments. Others lead from sectors that shape the context and conditions in which schools operate—as school and district leaders, policy makers, founders of advocacy organizations, social entrepreneurs, and business, philanthropic, and civic leaders working to make change. Whether you choose to study policy at the Brown University Education Policy Program Program, or explore your leadership in other ways, as a Rhode Island corps member you will work alongside a community of leaders who are passionate about creating opportunities for Rhode Island’s students.

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