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New Mexico is a place of great beauty, hope, and optimism. Our students are future leaders for the communities we serve including the 22 Sovereign Nations in our state. While we are consistently ranked last in the nation in education, we are also making tremendous progress in both urban and rural communities. We wholeheartedly believe our students have the power to change this narrative.

If you are looking for unparalleled natural beauty and a place where you can have immediate impact, the Land of Enchantment might be for you.

The communities in our region have a rich and diverse history. Despite a legacy of trauma and the perpetuation of violence towards indigenous language, land, and traditions, Native culture remains a vibrant and powerful force in our state. Given the history of oppression through education, it’s not surprising that New Mexico consistently ranks 49th or 50th in educational outcomes.

But New Mexico is on the rise. Since 2015, 13,000 more students are on grade-level in reading and 11,000 more in math. Native students are the fastest growing group of students in the state. These improvements are happening because our leaders have demonstrated belief in our students, and our students are rising to the challenge. Each day, our students show that they have the power to change the narrative.

Our work is student-focused and community-led. Founded in 2001, Teach For America New Mexico serves communities across the state, from the sovereign Navajo Nation in the northwest to the urban areas around Albuquerque and Santa Fe. As a one of the founding regions of Teach For America’s Native Alliance Initiative, we are deeply engaged in the effort to ensure we are developing student leadership and employing culturally responsive teaching techniques.

As a New Mexico corps member, you can be part of the movement for change in the state, improving outcomes for the next generation.   

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