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A spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation is fueling change in Greater Tulsa and expanding opportunities for all students.

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In the past decade, Tulsa has made significant progress through the booming revitalization of our downtown and by becoming a nationally recognized hub for economic development where entrepreneurs can learn, grow, and thrive. We have transformed into a vibrant, passionate community in many aspects, but there’s still progress to be made in our education system. Our city is hungry to make a lasting impact, and it starts with education.

Too many of Oklahoma’s children are educationally disadvantaged as a result of Oklahoma’s state budget shortfalls and severe teacher shortages. In Tulsa, this means many students lack access to high-quality schools and often face a stream of substitute teachers. The need for change in Oklahoma public education has never been greater. 

Teach For America Greater Tulsa is committed to cultivating a large, diverse, and thriving community of corps members, alumni, and staff that strive for educational excellence in partnership with other local educators, school communities, and community partners. Since 2009, our growing force of corp members have consistently made a meaningful impact in our classrooms. Alumni regularly accelerate into leadership positions throughout our region in education and a variety of other sectors that impact educational opportunity.

Teach For America’s summer teacher training institute at The University of Tulsa, among Teach For America’s largest in the nation, continues our teachers’ impact into the summer. During this institute, the success of which is fueled by Tulsa Public Schools, corps members from across the country come together to provide 4,000 Tulsa children the opportunity to attend summer school.

Our children play a central role in the success of our city, and we will continue to develop changemakers who share a goal of ensuring that every child has access to a high-quality education. As a Greater Tulsa corps member, you will work alongside a broad and diverse coalition of leaders working toward educational equity. 

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