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Twenty-five years. 50,000 teachers. 42,000+ alumni. Millions of kids. That's a lot of students, and a lot of people working in and out of the classroom to expand educational opportunities in America. And everyone's got a story. Visit Top Stories to read more.


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Why I Teach For America

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Dr. LaKimbre Brown
Phoenix 1999

It gives me a sense of limitless possibility if we are all working and fighting the fight together.

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Hunter Pierson
The Bay Area 2001

America only works if we have equality of opportunity—the only way to have that is if every kid gets a great education.

A close head shot of a young woman in a classroom with long black wavy hair, wearing silver pendant earrings and a green top.
Natalia Chabebe
New York 2012

To see that you’re someone they look up to is so heartwarming, and it just makes me feel purposeful.