• Though Washington is regarded as a civically engaged and progressive state, a huge disparity exists here along lines of race and class.

  • In Washington, corps members will have the opportunity to help shape the future of Teach For America in this region.

About Washington

Washington state is a thriving hub for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. Our state currently has the highest concentration of STEM jobs and by 2018 this is expected to grow by 24%, still seven points above the national average.  And as Washingtonians, we wear the racial and socioeconomic diversity of our region as a badge of pride. Yet despite our promising economic future and our espoused commitment to diversity, nearly all of our struggling schools are located in low-income neighborhoods serving primarily students of color. Washington ranks 37th nationwide for high school completion and is one of the few states with a growing disparity in education between low-income students and their higher income counterparts. We need dedicated classroom leaders to teach in these Washington schools and help us bridge this gap. 

Launched in 2011, Teach For America Washington believes our best hope for such solutions come from the collective impact of committed individuals—particularly principals, teachers, students, and families-- who understand these issues, believe they are solvable and have a deep sense of personal responsibility for solving them in their lifetime.  To this end, we are excited to work with districts, schools, students, and communities in the Greater Puget Sound and South Central Washington regions to ensure all students have the opportunity to fulfill their potential both in school and beyond.     

Amid a challenging first year inthis state, our team of corps members teaching in Washington has built strong and lasting relationships across the country and throughout the state, and partnerships with both grassroots organizations like the Southeast Seattle Education Coalition and well-known institutions such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been established. In collaboration with a cross section of educational, organizational, and community leaders, along with teachers, principals, parents, and students, we look forward to forging additional relationships in the region, and working with increased urgency to make excellence in education a reality for all students in Washington.

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Executive Director

Lindsay Hill
Lindsay Hill
Lindsay Hill began her career as a 2005 corps member in New York.

In her fourth grade classroom, Lindsay led her students to advance more than two grade levels in math and in reading. She later served as a Manager, Teacher Leadership Development on Teach For America's New York regional staff and a Director of Training and Support for the "I Have A Dream" Foundation. Lindsay holds a master's degree in teaching from Pace University and a joint bachelor of arts degree in Public Policy and Sociology from Pomona College.

Lindsay is the founding Executive Director of Teach For America - Washington and is leading the region to ensure all students in Washington, including her son, can go to a great school.

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