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The Bay Area is the land of innovation—where bold ideas become everyday realities. From liberation movements of the likes of Dolores Huerta, the Black Panthers, and Harvey Milk to technological advancements taking place in Silicon Valley, transformational change starts here.

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Unequal opportunity to determine and pursue a life path, falling along the lines of race and class, is one of our greatest and most urgent challenges.

Public education can and must break down these barriers to opportunity, especially here in the region that leads the nation in innovation. But, today, not all children in the Bay Area receive an education that will prepare them to succeed. We’re standing alongside our communities—Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco, and South Bay—to change this.

Teach For America Bay Area finds, develops, and supports some of the nation’s most promising new leaders in the fight for educational equity. Their commitment begins with two years teaching and leading in the Bay Area’s highest-need schools. It’s an experience that fuels a lifetime of impact, wherever their journey takes them.

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