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In less than a decade we've helped bring about significant changes for our students and communities, despite deep levels of income inequality in the state.

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Since Teach For America Connecticut first opened its doors in 2006, we've been inspired by the incredible work and progress happening here. Teachers, principals, system-leaders, and sector leaders alike continue to surpass limitations and demonstrate what's possible for kids here.

Despite the tireless efforts of so many, educational inequity remains a problem in Connecticut. In 2015, only 21 percent of students in low-income schools met or exceeded expectations in math, and only 38 percent in reading.

Parents, community members, non-profit organizations, and schools in Connecticut have cried out at the injustice of educational inequity and are committed to addressing it in significant ways. These dedicated champions have been and continue to be integral to our partnership with the communities in which we work.

It is clear that Connecticut students deserve more and Teach For America Connecticut is part of a thriving network of partners committed to giving all students the opportunities, access, and life choices they deserve.

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