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Large-scale, historic change is happening in South Louisiana at a rapid rate, bringing opportunity and access to the children of our community.

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Established in the Greater Baton Rouge area in 1990, Teach For America South Louisiana has partnered with communities to tackle the barriers that stand between children and opportunities. We take pride in our festivals, our food, and our culture, but we are especially proud of the resilient spirit woven into the fabric of our region. As the location of the first bus boycott of the Civil Rights Era, the South Louisiana region has a rich heritage filled with courageous visionaries committed to moving our communities forward through collective change.

Given our own commitment to the growth of our community, Teach For America South Louisiana has been dedicated to developing the leaders and coalitions required for children to gain access to the education they deserve.

In recent years, we have seen a diverse group of leaders across Louisiana come together to tackle the inequities plaguing our systems. Teach For America and the South Louisiana community came together almost 30 years ago to bolster the efforts that were already underway to end educational inequity and expand excellent opportunities for more students. Today more than 300 Teach For America leaders are working alongside our urban and rural communities proving every year that all South Louisiana students can achieve at the highest levels.

As our region enters the greatest period of economic growth since the late ‘90s, we find ourselves within a modern-day movement toward social change. A growing number of organizations across our region are working to address the historical causes of challenges—racial and socioeconomic disparities. In partnership with educators and advocates of all backgrounds, we’re proud of the role Teach For America leaders have consistently played in passionately ensuring access and opportunity for students in South Louisiana from inside and outside the classroom. Our connected community is reaching unprecedented growth in bringing children the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals.

Today, our nine alumni school leaders and more than 150 classroom leaders are impacting thousands of children in our community each day. At the same time, Teach For America leaders are working in various ways to bring innovative improvements to the systems that impact children. Some leading non-profits that address community needs, some working as advocates to build effective coalitions, and some working in the Louisiana Department of Education to create policies and laws that will change the trajectory of Louisiana students.

When diverse, committed leaders come together to solve an issue, incredible things can happen—our network is proof of it.

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