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System-level changes and an influx of talent continue to transform educational outcomes in New Orleans, one of the fastest improving regions in the country.

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As one of the five original charter regions when Teach For America began in 1990, Teach For America Greater New Orleans has been working shoulder to shoulder with students, educators, community members, and local leaders for the past three decades. The progress that the New Orleans education system has made during that time has been significant. In 2005, 62% of New Orleans public schools were considered failing schools. As of 2019, only 8% were failing. In 2004, only 54% of public school students were graduating from high school in Orleans Parish. In 2020, almost 80% of students graduated. 

This progress has been due in part to the impact that Teach For America corps members and alums have had on our local education system. To date, more than 3,000 corps members have come to our region to serve in open-enrollment public schools across the state. Many more Teach For America alums from other regions have answered the call for leadership in our communities and have chosen to make Louisiana home. Approximately 80% of our local network of leaders work in every level of education; from running education organizations to teaching, leading schools and districts, and serving at the Louisiana Department of Education and the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

To date, there are 1,100 alums in the Greater New Orleans area and more across the state. They join the additional 70 corps members teaching in 30 schools in Orleans and Jefferson parishes. After more than 30 years of impact, so much has changed for Louisiana, but there is still work to do to provide the educational opportunities our students need to create a future filled with possibility. We know we can get there because our children have the potential for excellence and our leaders are dedicated to equity.