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If you're looking to join a diverse team of outstanding people who share your passions and to be a part of an inclusive workplace, you’ve come to the right place.

We're Hiring

If you are looking to join the Teach For America corps as a teacher, apply here, or learn more about how to join. For more information on joining our staff, read on.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or right out of college, chances are Teach For America has a staff role to fit your aspirations and career goals.

Many of our employees are themselves TFA alumni, while others are new to the organization. Staff positions are available across the country. You can find full-time positions, or seasonal positions with our recruiting team and summer training programs. And, as a partner of Employers of National Service, we welcome candidates from AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, City Year, and other volunteer programs.

Check out our full list of staff openings on our job board:

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Pre-Service Roles

If you are excited to work with novice teachers on their journey in being anti-racist teacher leaders, check out information about Pre-Service 2022 positions. The Coordinator Application Deadline is 11/30, and the Core Support Role Application Deadline is 1/19 - this includes Content Facilitator, Data Manager, DEI Facilitator, Leadership Development Coach, Lesson Planning Specialist, Operations Specialist and Regional Community Chair. Apply today.

Recruitment Team Roles

The Recruitment Team (RT) inspires thousands of potential corps members on college campuses and in the professional world to apply for and join Teach For America. Learn more about available roles on the RT.

Staff Application Process

Here at Teach For America, we believe the ideal hiring approach is a two-way exchange that results in a strong match between employer and employee, and ensures new staff members are positioned for success.

That all begins with a smooth application process. From initial online application to reference checks, we follow a thorough process that assesses your unique skills and experiences as they relate to the role you’re applying for. We also determine that your motivations fit with our mission and the core values that make Teach For America a unique workplace.

There are five basic steps in our application process, which combined take about six-to-10 weeks to complete. These steps allow you to take the time to determine if TFA is the right fit for you and your aspirations, as well.

Learn more about each step below:

  • Online Application

    Our hiring process is highly selective, so we encourage you to complete your online application carefully and accurately. We suggest applying for no more than three positions at a time. Your cover letter should demonstrate an understanding of Teach For America and the position to which you are applying. Your resume should outline your past accomplishments and leadership experiences.

    Please also include any supplemental materials (e.g., a writing sample) specified in the job description. Your application will not be considered complete without all materials. Once you submit your application, you’ll receive an email confirming that we received your application. Unless a deadline is specified in the job description, your application will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

  • Invitation to Interview

    Due to candidate volume, we typically only contact candidates moving forward in the interview process. If invited for an interview, you’ll also receive an email with helpful links to learn more about life at TFA, our core values, and our regional and national offices.

  • First Interview

    First interviews are typically conducted over the phone. You’ll be asked to share more about your past accomplishments and speak to your interest in and fit with the role. Please note that if you’ve applied to multiple positions, we will only consider you for the roles for which you are best suited.

  • Subsequent Interview(s)

    You may be invited to a series of subsequent interviews with the hiring manager and other members of the team after your initial interview. Getting the right fit is important to us, so you could have a single interview or multiple interviews for a given position.

    In subsequent interviews, you may be asked to role-play a scenario you might encounter in the position and/or complete a work-related exercise, such as a project plan, an analytical exercise, or a response to a prompt. You should be prepared to dedicate a few hours to subsequent interviews and additional exercises.

  • Reference Checks

    Once our hiring managers have identified a finalist, they will talk to the candidate’s references. This is to get another lens on the candidate’s strengths and areas of development.

Working on Staff at Teach For America

Teach For America staff members are passionate people who come to work each day knowing they are changing lives alongside a community of colleagues and friends. It’s our responsibility as an organization to support our staff members in their work by creating an inclusive and rewarding work culture.

That’s why our workplace operations are centered around leadership development, diversity, and employee benefits that provide the flexibility and support that allows our staff members to thrive and achieve their career and life goals.

Curious to learn more? Read about life on staff at Teach For America.

Meet Our Staff Teams

We are all over the map—literally. As a TFA staff member, you can work on one of our 51 regional teams or 15 national teams, from a TFA office or at your home desk.

Regional teams advance TFA’s work at the local level. Learn more about where our regional staff teams work.

Our national staff provides direction and support for TFA’s work all over the country. Team members have expertise in areas such as marketing, finance, recruitment, and teacher preparation. They work in collaboration with regional teams to make a strong, unified organization. Read on to learn about each of our national teams and the role they play in supporting TFA:

Joining TFA Staff Questions

You may have some questions about the staff application process. Below are answers to frequently asked questions:

Do you have a question we didn’t answer here? Email us at