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Teach For America is a national organization, but our impact can be felt most strongly in the communities in which we work. Every TFA region has a distinct story and offers a unique opportunity for corps members and alumni to work alongside local partners, connect with a community, and help children achieve to their fullest potential. 

Teach For America works in communities across the country. We call them “regions,” and they range from large cities to rural communities, from Massachusetts to Hawai'i and South Dakota to the Rio Grande Valley. Regions are where our corps members and alumni forge connections and cultivate relationships—with each other, with their communities, with schools and families, and of course, with students. These connections enable our alumni and corps members to make lasting change in kids’ lives, and ultimately, to change the course of communities and our country together with students and families.

While all our regions are meaningfully invested in the impact of their local alumni networks, select regions are focusing on a new approach to alumni leadership, learning, and impact, and not bringing in a corps at this time:

  • Austin
  • Buffalo
  • California Capital Valley
  • Central Florida
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Milwaukee
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma City
  • San Diego
  • South Carolina
  • St. Louis
  • Washington

These communities will focus primarily on developing alumni-specific programming as a key lever to drive local impact. Their efforts will produce insights and accelerate organizational learning to reach our 10 year goal:  By 2030, twice as many children in communities where we work will reach key educational milestones indicating they are on a path to economic mobility and a future filled with possibility.

Two-Year Commitment. Lifelong Impact.

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