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Find virtual and in-person events hosted by Teach For America and our partners.

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On-Demand Application Workshop

The initial Teach For America application includes two short answer questions, and your responses are a valuable opportunity to bring to life your accomplishments and desire for impact. We've put together a quick, 15-minute On-Demand application workshop to support you in responding to these questions and submitting the strongest application possible ahead of our application deadline. You'll have the opportunity to explore related resources, view sample resumes, hear our alumni share why they chose to join TFA, and submit questions (which we will answer via email within 24-48 hours). Register now and revisit the content at any time!

Feeling disorganized? This is your sign to get your life together and Maria Offutt, Teach For America recruiter, will show you how to do it. Join us to learn how to set healthy goals and be more productive - especially as you start looking for a job or internship.

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