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5 Easy Ways to Take Control of Your Time

Feeling disorganized? This is your sign to get your life together and Maria Offutt, Teach For America recruiter, will show you how to do it. Join us to learn how to set healthy goals and be more productive - especially as you start looking for a job or internship.

About the Speaker 

Maria Offutt

Maria graduated from The Ohio State University in 2019 with a B.A. Arabic Language and Literature and a double-minor in World Politics and French. After graduation, she joined the Teach For America Memphis Corps, where she taught fifth grade math and language arts. As a pandemic educator, she developed a passion for holistic health and well-being. Since becoming an alum, she's had to leverage her skills in time management daily to go after her pursuits. She's achieved 450 hours of yoga teacher training, teaches multiple styles of yoga each week, studies for her graduate courses for her M.S. in Health and Wellness Coaching from the University of Cincinnati, runs a small business, volunteers with kids in foster care, and works full-time, all while prioritizing her own self-care routines. As a holistic healer (@roottorise_912) with the core values of empathy, equity, and empowerment, she hopes to address the needs of people from marginalized communities to address chronic illness from every angle of health.