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Transformational Leader: Albert Frank Jimenez (GNO ‘18)

October 25, 2021

Albert Frank Jimenez

Albert is an alum of Boston University, where he majored in International Relations and Economics. Though originally from San Diego, California, Albert got his interest in education via an internship in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. There he learned that education, in conjunction with aid and service, is the key to long term development and growth of any kind. Today, Albert is a middle school Science teacher in New Orleans. In his first year teaching, he was tasked with developing his own rigorous curriculum for 180 5th-6th graders. After adjusting content for the social-emotional needs of his students, he was able to lead them to 1 year growth on average. In RefEd (where Albert is Co-Founder, Educational Content Lead), Albert uses his past and current work experiences to influence the educational content of the app. In his spare time, Albert can be found dogspotting, eating, or making a new music playlist.

When asked about his work

Albert says he works towards equity for refugees and immigrant students who do not have access to education. His app, RefEd, provides tailored, culturally relevant, and accessible education to students on the move. It allows students’ a chance to let their interests drive everything they do and are therefore constantly learning how to improve their pedagogy and our content.