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Welcome to Alumnihood Welcome to Alumnihood

Congratulations on crossing a huge milestone and joining the 2018 alumni community! Learn more about opportunities to continue your leadership journey and connect with an expansive alumni network.

Welcome to the Alumni Network

Teach For America alumni look back on how they felt after completing their two years in the corps, and the special connection they feel toward the alumni network.

Many Paths Toward a Shared Purpose

Our alumni represent diverse backgrounds and choose a variety of career paths that impact education and the wellbeing of students. Get to know the alumni featured in this video.

Everton Blair (Metro Atlanta ‘13) - Everton leads program development at UnboundED where he helps educators implement high-quality curriculum. He also serves on the Gwinnett County school board, just outside of Atlanta. 

Maria Hunter (Washington ‘94) - Maria is a 26-year veteran educator and teaches middle social studies in Rhode Island. She is passionate about supporting other teachers who are representative of the students we serve.

Stephanie Kapsis (New York ‘05) - Stephanie is the founder of The Gathering Project and partners with schools, school systems, non-profits, and mission-driven companies to support people-management and talent needs.

Christina “Tina” Mata (RGV ‘16) - Tina is a medical student at Brown University Warren Alpert School of Medicine. She also serves on the RGV PRISM board, supporting LGBTQ+ alumni and corps members.

Niral Patel (Metro Atlanta ‘13) - Niral leads inclusion and diversity initiatives at McMaster-Carr and is an MBA candidate at Kellogg University’s School of Management in the Chicago area.

Stephen Pham (Bay Area '12) - Stephen is the director for organizational learning at the Learning Accelerator and also chairs the TFA Washington Collective board for alumni who identify as Indigenous or people of color. 

Danielle Radcliffe (Greater Philadelphia '09) - Danielle is a social media manager at Microsoft and the chair of the TFA Washington regional alumni board. Her passion for educational equity extends well beyond traditional education fields.

Alex Sutherland (ENC ‘09) - Alex is the president and investment advisor of the LifeSpan Group, and is passionate about helping people make informed, smart decisions about their retirement plans.

Ammar Zia (Rhode Island ‘15) - Ammar is the director of teaching and learning at the Trinity Academy of Performing Arts. He is committed to arts education, and incorporating theatre and arts into all subjects of learning.

Educators meeting up at a conference.

Connect With Your Alumni Network

Regional Alumni Affairs Directory

Find contact information for alumni support staff in each region.

The Collective

The Collective is Teach For America's national association for alumni who identify as Native, Indigenous, and people of color. Members can strengthen their professional and personal networks and accelerate their leadership abilities. There are more than 40 regional chapters and more than 13,000 members.


Our Prism coalition is a network of LGBTQ+ support groups in each of Teach For America's regions. The Prism coalition mobilizes TFA alumni leaders, staff members, teachers, and community members to support LGBTQ+ students and educators as we collectively work toward educational equity.

Leadership for Educational Equity

Leadership for Educational Equity is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to supporting TFA corps members and alumni who are interested in elected leadership and policy work to expand educational excellence and equity for all kids.

One Day Magazine

One Day Magazine is the alumni magazine for Teach For America, exploring how our diverse network of alums pursues our vision of educational equity in myriad ways.

Career Connections

Jobs & Networking

TFA Connect BETA is an online platform to accelerate the connections among and careers of our large and growing alumni and corps member network. It enables alumni and corps members to connect to mission-aligned jobs, opportunities, and employers, and to seek and share career advice and resources.

Alumni Career Profiles

Whether you chose to stay in the classroom or make an impact in another field, you will always be able to draw upon the leadership experience you gained in the classroom to make a meaningful difference in your career. Explore alumni career paths.

“The beautiful thing about being a Teach For America alumni is that you've got a ton of other people who have walked your walk.”

Everton Blair

Metro Atlanta Corps Member 2013

Continue Your Leadership Journey

Your journey is just beginning! Explore opportunities to continue your professional growth, collaborate, and lead after the corps.

Grad School Partnerships

Search our complete list of graduate school partners who offer TFA benefits such as tuition discounts and scholarships to alumni after you complete your time in the corps.

School Leadership Programs

Explore an extensive list of school leadership programs offered across the country, including graduate degrees in educational leadership, principal certification, and fellowships for aspiring school leaders.

Awards & Fellowships

We believe that investing in your leadership is a powerful investment in the lives of students across the country. Find opportunities from TFA to further your learning and growth

COVID-19 Educator Resource Hub

Find resources to support students and communities through the coronavirus school closures.