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Corps members working on a lesson plan together.

Explore the different ways you can connect with the TFA network throughout your time in the corps and beyond.

Having a network of teachers, mentors, and like-minded friends at your side is essential, especially when you need advice, and when the going gets tough. As a corps member, you’ll have an abundance of formal and informal opportunities to connect with your network throughout the year.

Making Connections During the Corps

Professional Development “PD” Saturdays

Most regions host ongoing professional development events and workshops throughout the year, typically held on the weekends. This is a time to get together and swap ideas with other corps members who are also teaching a similar grade and subject area.

Regional Social Events

Your region may also host a variety of events throughout the year. These can include welcoming ceremonies, celebrations for milestones and holidays, opportunities to network with local community partners, career fairs, and informal events like barbecues, game nights, and yoga practice.

Regional Transition Teams

Some regions have “transition teams” of second-year corps members and alumni who help support new corps members as you get the lay of the land. Transition team members serve as mentors and help guide new corps members through their onboarding process.

Your School Team

While many corps members will teach together at the same school, your network extends well-beyond the people you’ll meet through TFA. You will spend the majority of your day at your school and build close relationships with your school community—your students and their families, fellow teachers, school faculty, and your principal.

Roommates, Carpool Buddies, and More

Many corps members become roommates, plan lessons together in the evenings, and share the commute to school. The ties that corps members create with each other often run deep, and these relationships--with others who are sharing similar experiences--offer opportunities to discuss and problem-solve challenges, celebrate milestones and accomplishments, and decompress from the intensity of the school day.

TFA Summits

Throughout the year you’ll have the opportunity to join a variety of summits and professional development opportunities hosted by Teach For America’s national teams. These include summits for specific initiatives and affinity groups.

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