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PopClass Replay with Maulik Pancholy

Catch Maulik Pancholy’s session “Playing the Part: Advocacy Through Anti-bullying”

By The TFA Editorial Team

April 24, 2020

Wednesday night’s TFA PopClass featured actor and anti-bullying activist Maulik Pancholy. He shared insight on his work for Act To Change and discussed school bullying, diversity, and inclusion. Change agents like you were inspired by his story.

Playing the Part: Advocacy Through Anti-bullying with Maulik Pancholy

Listen to Maulik Pancholy share his insight on school bullying, diversity & inclusion with moderator Soukprida Phetmisty, the leader of TFA’s Asian American & Pacific Islander Community Initiative.

To keep the momentum and conversation going, join us for our next PopClass with teacher, CEO and Founder of Khan Academy, Sal Khan, on Monday, April 27 at 8 p.m. ET. He’ll share insights on the shifting to digital classrooms, unlearning traditional teaching methods, and the impact online education is having on teachers and families at this time of social distancing.


“These are great resources! Thanks for sharing. I just completed my Peace Corps service, teaching literacy abroad for 2 years. Looking forward to teaching this fall in CT!”

“To Soukprida and Maulik, I really appreciate this conversation. I love that tonight we were able to make connections between how representation in media impacts our students in the classroom and the ways we can show up for our students.”

“Wado (thank you in Cherokee) to Soukprida and Maulik for this webinar. It helps bring up these concerns that should always be part of our classrooms!”

“Thank you both for your time! This was exceptionally informative.”