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PopClass Replay with Dr. Anthony Jack

Catch Dr. Jack's session "Access Ain't Inclusion: Magnifying the Educational Experiences of Marginalized Students"

By The TFA Editorial Team

April 8, 2020

In our last TFA PopClass, sociologist, Harvard professor of education, and published author of the award-winning book “The Privileged Poor,” Dr. Anthony Jack. Dr. Jack shared his insight on the struggles marginalized students face at elite colleges and what institutions can do to help students thrive, especially in these challenging times.

Access Ain't Inclusion: Magnifying the Educational Experiences of Marginalized Students

Change agents just like you were inspired by his story. To keep the momentum and conversation going, join us for our next PopClass with teacher, TED-Talk speaker, and Teaching Tolerance 2018 Award Winner Liz Kleinrock! She’ll share insight on how teaching tolerance and allyship can transform the false narratives and ignorance targeted towards minority groups.


“Dr. Jack just acknowledging this tension for us is more affirming and lastingly useful than any typical "practical advice" could ever aspire to be. Thank you.”

“Interesting enough I can relate to what Dr. Jack is saying.”

“It is a delicate line to expose the system, while also attempting to play the game. A lot of great thoughts were added here. Thank you Dr. Jack.”

“As a white woman, I often struggle with equally excepting my privilege and the sexism that I have faced throughout my college career. This conversation has helped me in the path of navigating how I am a true ally.”

“I'm so thankful for everyone's vulnerability in this space. It is a clear indicator of how safe we are all feeling in this space.”

“As an upcoming high school teacher for underprivileged students, my toolbox has grown. Dr. Jack has shown me tools I was not even aware I needed; I am grateful to be equipped with these now!”