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COVID19 Stories


Tackling COVID-19 Fatigue as a Teacher

by The TFA Editorial Team

October 20, 2020

Public Policy

School Buildings Were in Trouble Even Before COVID-19

by Holly Lebowitz Rossi

September 24, 2020


What Have We Learned About Remote Learning?

by Laura Zingg

September 22, 2020

Native Community

Responding to the Pandemic’s Impact on Native Students

by Laura Zingg

September 16, 2020

Student Voices

9 Students Share How They Really Feel About Going Back to School

by Madeleine Burry, Jessica Fregni, and Laura Zingg

August 24, 2020

Teacher Wellness

Wellness Tips for a Strong Start to an Unprecedented School Year

by Laura Zingg

August 19, 2020


Becoming a Teacher During the Pandemic

by Madeleine Burry and Laura Zingg

August 13, 2020

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