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PopClass Replay with Liz Kleinrock

Catch Liz Kleinrock’s session “Teach & Transform: Fighting Racial Intolerance via True Allyship”

By The TFA Editorial Team

April 14, 2020

Monday night’s TFA PopClass featured educator, TED Talk speaker, and Teaching Tolerance 2018 Award Winner Liz Kleinrock. She shared how teaching tolerance and allyship can transform the false narratives and ignorance targeted towards the AANHPI community and other marginalized groups.

Teach & Transform: Fighting Racial Intolerance via True Allyship w/Liz Kleinrock

Change agents just like you were inspired by her story and practical advice on how to navigate difficult topics about tolerance, allyship, and advocacy. Keep the momentum and conversation going by watching our recaps and TED Talks from previous PopClass guests. Don’t forget to stay tuned for our next dynamic speaker!



“Thank you for speaking to ableist language! I feel like it is a common identity assumed in a lot of educational settings!”

“This has been a wonderful space after a long Monday. Thank you for the resources and words of wisdom, Liz.”

“I absolutely love your practical and tangible approach to giving advice and suggestions Liz. This really helps me understand when it is best, appropriate, and most effective to interject.”

“Thank you for being here too! I struggle with history inaccuracy in curriculum or diminished presence of any non-dominant peoples.”

“I love the emphasis on intentionality behind support and use of language. One of my most common issues I run into others is to get others to understand the true meaning, power, and impact behind use of language.”