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A Teach For America corps member leading a class of students seated on the floor.

As a Teach For America corps member, you are part of a close network of people who are working together to support kids in your community.

Leading a Classroom

As a corps member, you'll be assigned to teach one or more subjects from pre-K through grade 12 in one of our 51 regions. Your subject and grade may change during the hiring process as well as after you are hired, depending on the individual needs of the schools or districts in your region.

You will interact closely with many different people and groups on a daily basis. This includes other teachers in your school and district, partner organizations in your community, your TFA coach, TFA alumni, and of course, your students and their families and caregivers.

Teaching is Challenging and Rewarding

In your classroom you'll build relationships with students who will show you what's possible to achieve, even while they face incredible challenges.

This work is hard and never done. Teaching requires incredible strength, humility, and perseverance. There will be days when you feel like giving up. But you are not alone. You’ll need to lean on others for advice and support—veteran educators in your school, along with your TFA network, and others who share your goals for providing an excellent education for your students.

Education is Local

So much of your experience as a teacher will be shaped by the community you are in. Educational standards are determined by states. Curriculums are determined by states, districts and schools. The culture of your school will be shaped by its students, families, principal and faculty. Immersing yourself in your school and neighborhood communities will shape your experience, your point of view as an educator, and your lifelong advocacy for children.

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Building Your Support Network

You will also get support from the professional connections you form with other corps members and non-TFA teachers in your district, and from mentors in and out of the TFA network. Through leadership development coaching and ongoing professional development opportunities, you’ll learn from a broad and diverse coalition of people united around shared values. These friendships will sustain you during the corps, and some may last a lifetime.

Your TFA Coach

In addition to the deep bonds you'll form with your fellow corps members and your school community, you will also have ongoing support from Teach For America as you develop your teaching practice and classroom leadership skills.

Once you join the corps, you'll be paired with a personal coach, often referred to as a Manager of Teacher Leadership Development or "MTLD." Your MTLD will help you to start the school year on the right foot by working with you to develop goals and a strong plan for your classroom. Throughout the school year your MTLD will observe your classroom, provide feedback and coaching, and facilitate ongoing professional development.

“My mentor teacher taught me that teaching is an art, and a craft that cannot be mastered in one day. It requires patience and forgiveness, so be kind to yourself.”

Ikram Rabbani

New York Corps Member 2017

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