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Corps members are full-time teachers employed by a school or district and, as such, receive a full salary and benefits. Learn more about corps member finances.


As a corps member, you’ll receive a salary and benefits from the school district, charter school, or pre-K center where will you work as a full-time teacher. You are not an employee of Teach for America, nor are you paid by TFA.

You’ll be paid the same as other beginning teachers working for the same employer. Salaries typically range from $33,000 to $58,000, depending on where you teach.

You can compare regional salaries with our Compare Regions tool. Select regions on the map that interest you, and view expected first- and second-year salary ranges in the chart below the map. You can also compare other costs, like certification and living expenses, side-by-side. 

While urban areas tend to offer higher salaries, the cost of living is also higher. Salaries in rural areas tend to be lower, but you’ll likely spend less for rent and other expenses.

In additional to a full salary, many corps members are eligible for AmeriCorps benefits including federal funding to help pay off student loans and cover some of the costs incurred while earning your teaching certification. 

Compare Regional Salaries


Salary & Benefits: What You Need to Know

As a Teach For America corps member, you will be employed by your school district or charter network and earn a full-time salary and benefits.

When You Can Expect Your First Paycheck

Depending on where you teach and when the school year begins there, you can expect your first paycheck between late August and late September during your first year. This means it can take from 3-6 weeks after the start of the school year to receive your first paycheck.

There are several financial support programs available to ease your transition into the classroom and help with moving expenses and certification costs. We offer a baseline $5,000 Transitional Financial Support to assist all corps members so that you can focus on your transition and preparing for students. You can also learn more about our financial suport, including need-based financial support packages.

Our Pre-Service training and support model includes at least five weeks of full-time training in the summer. Learn more about the Transitional Financial Support available to assist you.


As a full-time teacher, you are entitled to medical benefits through your specific employer. Plans and costs vary, depending on where you teach.

Most employers offer:

  • Medical, dental, and vision care
  • Referral-free access to doctors
  • Routine preventative care
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Employee assistance and wellness programs
  • Family-planning services
  • Vaccinations (e.g., flu shots)
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement benefits, typically employer-supported pension plans or 403(b) investment accounts


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Costs to Expect

As with any new job, you should prepare for expenses that might arise before your first paycheck. You should anticipate expenses specific to becoming a teacher, as well as those related to moving to your region and initial living expenses. If you receive a need-based funding package from TFA, you can use it towards these costs. Learn more about financial support.

Certification Costs

Corps members will incur teaching-specific expenses, including testing, background checks, and more. You should plan to pay for these expenses out-of-pocket. View cost ranges with the Compare Regions tool, or by visiting each region’s page.

To learn more about the certification process, visit Licensing and Employment.

Living Costs and Housing

Including the cost of certification, you should anticipate general living costs before, during, and after Pre-Service training. This can include rent, travel to and from your region, car expenses, moving expenses, and more. 

Upon your acceptance to the corps, you will be able to talk with your regional team for guidance on housing. Corps members can choose to live wherever they would like during their corps experience.

Salary, Benefits & Aid FAQs

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