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Your journey as a corps member begins once you accept your offer to join Teach For America. We will help you become a strong classroom and community leader through rigorous summer training, extensive coaching, and professional development throughout your TFA corps experience—and beyond.

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Being accepted into Teach For America is exciting—and a bit overwhelming. You’re proud to be part of our mission, and ready to apply your leadership skills in the classroom. We’re excited to work with you to tackle some of the most intractable problems in our country.

But besides that, you want to know: What happens next? You have practical questions about planning a move, beginning your intensive teacher-leadership training this summer, and getting a teaching job (yes, you still have to interview with schools in your region. But don’t worry, you'll have plenty of support).

Here’s how Teach For America will help support you from the moment you are accepted in the corps and with every class of students you lead.

Your TFA Network

Joining Teach For America means you will have a highly supportive professional network at your side from day one—and opportunities to build a meaningful career. You will join a network of nearly 64,000 leaders who are passionate about providing an equitable and excellent education to all children. Your network will support you at every stage of your experience as a corps member and throughout your life as an alum.

Get to know your TFA network.

Why Our Work Is So Important

Corps members and alumni tell us why they see Teach For America's mission as so critical. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to help the next generation of leaders redefine their future, starting in the classroom.


Your recruiter will support you as you transition from being an applicant to a corps member. All new corps members will go through a process of orientation known as onboarding, over the course of several months. Your onboarding will include orientation sessions and required tasks for you to complete in order to be able to teach in your placement region in the fall. Teach For America staff in your region will help guide you through the process.

Learn what to expect during your onboarding.

Corps Member Training

Your TFA corps training begins soon after you accept your offer to join the corps and continues throughout your two-year commitment. This includes formal training and coaching offered through TFA, as well as coursework that you may need to complete as part of your teacher certification program. Here’s how TFA will guide and support your development as a teacher and leader.

Learn more about corps member training.

Corps members attending a training session at summer institute.

Licensing & Employment

All of our partner regions will require you to complete steps to become highly qualified in the subject(s) you’ll teach and to work toward your teaching certification. Most regions also require corps members to work toward full teaching certification during their two-year commitment. 

Joining TFA does not mean you will automatically have a teaching job. TFA corps members are hired full-time employees of their school, district, or charter organization (not TFA).

Learn more about becoming licensed and hired as a teacher.

“TFA’s support system is one of a kind. The first year of teaching is tough, but without TFA it would be impossible!”

Shane Walton

New York Corps Member 2017

Teaching in the Corps

Teaching is an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience. Your days will be full, with a lot of responsibilities to juggle. But you’re not alone. You’ll have an incredibly supportive community at your side—your fellow corps members, school team, TFA teacher coach, alumni, and others—who know what it's like to be in your shoes. Together this community will offer coaching, networking, professional development, and a shoulder to lean on.

Through teaching, you will confront educational inequity head-on, and build a wealth of leadership skills and experiences that will transfer to any endeavor you might choose in the future.

Learn more about life as a teacher.

You will have a lot on your plate as a new teacher, but you will also have a supportive community to lean on.