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A teacher standing behind a large group of young children.

As a Teach For America corps member, you’ll be part of a movement changing the future for America’s students, while gaining invaluable leadership experience that will fuel your career.

Your Career Can Directly Impact Our Nation’s Future

All children—no matter where they live—should have access to a high-quality education that will lead to college, career, and expansive opportunities in life. That’s not the case today; children’s ZIP codes too often predict the quality of the education they will receive. But as a Teach For America corps member, you’ll be a leader in the effort to change that status quo.

Why I Joined Teach For America

New corps members share why they became teachers with Teach For America. Although they have different motivations, all share in common is a belief in the power of education, a passion for working with kids, and a desire to make the world a more equitable place.

As a Teach For America corps member, you’ll be part of a movement changing the future for America’s students, while gaining invaluable leadership experience that will fuel your career. 

Find Your Purpose

Joining the corps can lead to a meaningful career in a wide array of fields that impact education. Change agents in our network have utilized their classroom experience to lead them to career paths in education, policy and government, law, nonprofit, and business

If You’re a Career Changer...

Teaching is the perfect opportunity to build on the leadership skills you’ve developed in the workforce while making a meaningful difference in your students’ lives. In fact, many career-changers who joined Teach For America found that their professional experience provided a solid foundation for leading a classroom. As a professional, your time management, organization, and decision-making skills are among the many strengths you bring to the classroom. Learn more about joining TFA as a professional.

If You’re a College Student

College graduates join Teach For America with four-year degrees in any major. Joining the corps right after college means you’ll have the opportunity to make an impact in a job that matters as soon as you graduate. Whether you choose to stay in the classroom beyond your two-year commitment or pursue another career path, your experience as a teacher will give you the conviction to lead a life of impact from any sector you choose. Learn more about how to join.

“This mission is so important. So, as long as we continue spreading our message, and fueling people to do more, our impact will continue growing.”

Yesenia Castro

New York Corps Member 2007

  • Expand Opportunity

    You’ll go to sleep every night knowing you’re pushing students to academic and personal growth and working to open doors of opportunity. Every day you’ll have a chance to expose students to experiences and opportunities that will prepare them for success in college and career.

  • Grow as a Leader

    You’ll be asked to innovate, think creatively, and develop your leadership abilities in order to challenge the status quo. As a teacher, you’ll push yourself to grow in ways you didn’t think possible while building skills that you'll use throughout your career in any sector you choose.

  • Gain Perspective 

    You’ll gain the context and conviction needed to launch an inspired and influential career. By leading a classroom, you’ll gain perspective on the challenges that are impacting students in schools, and learn what it will take to find solutions.

  • Build Skills

    Being a teacher requires an enormous and varied set of skills. You’ll sharpen your time management, public speaking, and strategizing abilities, among countless other skills—all of which will be invaluable, whether you remain in the classroom or pursue other career paths.

  • Join a Movement

    TFA’s 55,700 alumni are policymakers, school leaders, CEOs, lawyers, and community leaders. You will join a diverse network of colleagues who are ready to support, challenge and lead alongside you, working collectively to make change happen in schools and across the systems that impact education.

  • Shape the Future

    Education influences everything—income, healthcare, our environment. You’ll be able to apply the skills and experience you gain in the classroom toward creating a more equitable nation for generations to come.

  • Lead Change in the Classroom

    Corps members are hired as full-time, salaried teachers and serve for two years in the classroom. You’ll work closely with your school team, teacher coaches, families, and community members to prepare today’s kids to become tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Pursue a Career With Meaning

    You’ll have lifelong support to continue expanding opportunities for kids, whether you choose to stay in the classroom or make an impact in another career field as an alum. You’ll join a network of allies, colleagues, mentors, and friends working together to create a better future for children.


Teach For America corps members had plans to teach before applying to TFA.


Alumni report they are now working in education or careers serving low-income communities.

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How Teach For America Is Impacting Communities

Our network of nearly 62,000 alumni and corps members are creating opportunity for students as teachers, school administrators, superintendents, policymakers, elected leaders, social entrepreneurs, and more. They are raising student achievement levels, leading high performing schools, and launching social ventures that are fueling change in classrooms, schools, and communities. Learn more about Teach For America’s impact.

Two-Year Commitment. Lifelong Impact.

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