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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Alumni

What is One Day, and how do I receive One Day stories?

One Day Studio publishes editorial content that puts a spotlight on people and communities working to change systems that create barriers to equitable educations in our country. Key to that work is our commitment to uplift the voices of those most proximate to and affected by these systems. We tell these stories primarily through the work of TFA corps members, alums, and partner organizations.

One Day features original, reported stories in a variety of formats created by our staff of journalists, videographers and filmmakers, and podcast producers, as well as freelancers. We also publish opinion essays. Our stories are found in four topic areas: Top Issues, Ideas & Solutions, Policy & Advocacy, and Opinion.

Our stories can also be found in the One Day today monthly email newsletter and on Teach For America’s social media channels.