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Two TFA corps members walk down a path together.

How to Join

Over three decades, extraordinary leaders have joined Teach For America and brought their creativity into classrooms across the country. Learn more about how you can join our network.

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Getting Started 

Before you start your application, learn more about what we do and why you should consider joining

When you apply to Teach For America, you’ll share more about your experiences, strengths, and passions.

Our applicant center allows you to track your progress and know what to expect. To get started, you need to create an account. Here’s what else we recommend to get started.

  • 1. Review TFA Eligibility Requirements

    Find out what we require from applicants, get answers to common TFA qualification questions, and see the characteristics of successful corps members more on Eligibility.

  • 2. Consider the Deadlines

    We have five separate application windows, which means you can select the deadline that best matches your needs. The full application process takes approximately eight weeks. Learn more on Deadlines.

  • 3. Check Out the TFA Application Process

    Our application process includes an online application and an interview, and a few other logistical steps. Find out what to expect on Application & Interview.

  • 4. See Where We Work

    Research TFA’s regions in advance of your interview to determine the locations that might be a good fit for you. Once you complete your interview, you’ll submit your list of preferences. See Where We Work to learn more.

  • 5. Find Support and Guidance

    Throughout the TFA application process, campus recruiters work to answer your questions about joining the corps. Learn more on Meet a Recruiter.

What We Look For

Learn about the characteristics of successful corps members.

How to Join FAQs

Are you a parent or family member of an applicant looking to learn more? See Parents and Families.