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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions My Interview

How will my interviewer engage during different portions of my interview?

The Teach For America final interview is a unique experience that requires applicants to prepare differently than for a traditional interview. Please find the main components of the interview experience below with context on what to expect from your interviewer during that time. 

Sample Lesson: During your sample lesson, your interviewer will engage with you by participating as a student. Please plan to teach your lesson directly to your interviewer rather than walk them through the lesson as if they were a peer. 

Case Activity:  While you will prepare this proposal as a scenario to share with a principal, you will present your thoughts to your interviewer as themselves (this is not a role play). Your interviewer will also introduce a new piece of evidence and ask follow up questions during your discussion. 

1:1 Interview: The final part of the interview resembles a more traditional Q&A interview conversation. During this time, you should plan to also engage with your interview as themselves as you respond to questions.

About Teach For America: Your interviewer will talk as themselves about Teach For America's theory of leadership and share more about what personally brought them to this work.

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