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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Classroom and Region Eligibility

How do I enter study-abroad coursework from another university?

You are not required to enter study-abroad coursework. We do not need this information to determine what you are eligible to teach. Additionally, we recognize the potential challenges in obtaining a study-abroad transcript, i.e., time delays in receiving overseas mail, communicating with a foreign institution, translating foreign transcripts, etc.

If you choose to include study-abroad coursework on your form, look at the transcript from your degree-granting school, and ask yourself: "Do the course names and credits for my study-abroad coursework appear on my transcript from my degree-granting school?

If the answer is yes: Enter your study-abroad coursework under your primary college/university on the eligibility tool. You will not need to upload a separate transcript for this coursework.

If the answer is no: Consider what it would require to include this coursework. If you enter this coursework on your eligibility tool, you must also upload a separate transcript for all study-abroad courses not listed in full on your degree-granting transcript. 

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