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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Classroom and Region Eligibility

How do I enter dual-enrollment coursework?

If you took undergraduate-level coursework while you were in high school and earned credits for these courses, you should enter the courses on your form. 

If these credits do not appear on your transcript, please go back to the Educational History page on Step 2 of your Applicant Center, click "Edit", and then click "Add Institution" to add this school's information. Once you re-submit, the system will automatically create a new Classroom and Region Eligibility Tool for you to complete. You will also need to upload an official transcript from this additional school on the transcript upload page. Once you've done this, follow the steps outlined below to add these credits to your eligibility tool. 

If these courses appear on your degree-granting transcript, then you should add these courses under that school on the eligibility tool. Follow the steps below to add this information to your eligibility tool. 

  • Semester: Choose "AP/Pre-College"
  • Year: Select the year for which you received AP credit on your transcript, or if no year is listed, the first year you attended this school
  • Course Title: Enter a title that describes this course
  • TFA Subject: Enter the subject for which you received credit.
  • Credits/Units: Enter the number as it appears on your transcript.

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