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Why Join TFA

People join Teach For America to have an impact with young people right away and build the foundation of a meaningful life and career. Our members find community, build transformative relationships, develop collective leadership, and gain skills that transfer to high-impact careers of all kinds.

With Teach For America, you’ll earn a living and live your values every day at work.
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4 Reasons People Do Teach For America

1. Build a more just world

1. Build a more just world

Inequity of all kinds can be understood and fought from the very same place where possibility lives: a classroom. This is more than a job, it’s a creative pursuit of justice alongside the people who hold a vision for a better future – kids.

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2. Find connection and belonging

2. Find connection and belonging

In the corps, you’ll find your people. You’ll connect with your corps cohort through shared values and experiences. You’ll fall in love with your classroom and school community. And you’ll join a fierce network of collaborators in TFA’s alumni community. These relationships run deep and last a lifetime.

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3. Grow as a systems thinker and leader

3. Grow as a systems thinker and leader

Your training, day-to-day impact, and ongoing development will advance your leadership and systems thinking in ways that you can apply to many facets of your life. Learn to foster impactful communities as you build coalitions of support around your students and their dreams.

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4. Open new career opportunities

4. Open new career opportunities

Accelerate your career with more relevant learning and development than any other job out there. Transfer your earned skills to any career path. And get lifelong access to exclusive opportunities and connections.

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Is Teach For America a Good Idea for You?

Teach For America is for ...

  • People who believe deeply in the power and potential of kids facing systemic racism and/or poverty – who understand that the kids facing the biggest obstacles will shape the brightest future. 
  • Entrepreneurs who refuse to accept the conditions of today as ordinary and who believe young people can lead the way to extraordinary change. 
  • Creators who bring their full selves to the classroom, using their individual experiences, talents, and passions to inspire and innovate. 
  • Collaborators looking to lock arms and work together with others from diverse perspectives and backgrounds toward a common vision. 
  • Learners who seek opportunities to expand their minds from people and experiences, and who take every success and failure as a lesson from which to grow. 

Teaching is the most challenging, rewarding, and important job in the world.

Teach For America teachers pour their heart into their students and get returns beyond measure.
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Benefits of Teach For America

To end educational inequity, we need people working together, toward change, from every sector that affects kids’ lives. We also need people who are in this for the long haul. That’s why we’re committed to making Teach For America a sustainable job choice with real benefits and a real ability to build a fulfilling career.

Financial benefits 

Corps members are full-time teachers hired by a local school or district and are certified to teach while in the corps. For salary and compensation, they receive:

  • Full salary, vacation, and health benefits: These come from your school district and salaries range from around $33K - $68K per year, depending on the region
  • Transitional grant: All incoming teachers get a baseline grant to help offset transition and summer training costs
  • Other financial incentives: Including, based on eligibility, AmeriCorps Awards of around $6K per year, the Black Educators Promise Grant, regionally-based signing bonuses, and housing partnerships

Our Ignite Fellows work 3-5 hours per week and earn a $1,200 award at the end of each semester.

Career benefits

  • Grad school and employer partnerships: Including deferrals, scholarships, fee waivers, internships, and more
  • A diverse and supportive network: 60,000+ alumni and staff, working together in pursuit of educational equity
  • A career and networking website: Exclusively for our network, which includes a job board and the opportunity to connect directly with hiring managers
  • Skill-building and fellowship opportunities: Intended to accelerate impact in school leadership, social entrepreneurship, elected leadership, and more
  • Membership in Leadership for Educational Equity: A nonpartisan nonprofit that supports leaders with classroom experience to engage civically and politically 

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Questions Before You Apply?

Read more about Teach For America's application process.