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The Massachusetts region provides an unparalleled context for working toward educational equity. Here, you will be immersed in both the depth and pervasiveness of educational inequity and an unrivaled opportunity to make lasting change.

Massachusetts corps members teach in traditional and charter public schools in the Greater Boston area, in historic port cities on the South Coast, and in Western Massachusetts. Wherever possible, we work to cluster multiple corps members in schools to maximize their impact on students and the community. Read on for more on each of these three sub-regions. 

Greater Boston

It’s an exciting time to be an educator in Greater Boston. Full of history and a true “college town,” Boston boasts one of the most exciting education ecosystems in the country. Boston Public Schools is a prize-winning leader in urban education, and recently undertook new and innovative approaches to improving the nation’s oldest school district under the leadership of Dr. Tommy Chang (Los Angeles ’97). Greater Boston is also home to the nation’s strongest charter public school sector, as economically disadvantaged students regularly outperform their affluent suburban counterparts. A vibrant nonprofit sector supports our students and their communities with a wide range of resources, supported by a community of over 50 colleges and universities. Beyond city limits, smaller Massachusetts cities, such as Lawrence, Chelsea, Salem, and Lynn, face tough challenges without some of the resources that Boston can access.

The South Coast of Massachusetts

A former international maritime hub about an hour south of Boston, the South Coast of Massachusetts is full of rich history and culture. Corps members and alumni alike enjoy the tight-knit community of the South Coast, home to proud Portuguese and Azorean heritage, while also accessing a comfortable lifestyle. A dynamic charter sector, including Alma del Mar Charter SchoolCity on a Hill - New Bedford Charter School, and Argosy Collegiate Charter School, is combining innovation and time-tested practices to provide a transformational education for South Coast kids. At the same time, leaders of the New Bedford and Fall River districts are taking bold steps towards improving student outcomes. In New Bedford, two schools received generous, competitive grants to expand their Extended Learning Time offerings. In Fall River, principal Magdalana Reis of Resiliency Preparatory Academy has launched innovative efforts to re-engage students with academic challenges and help them find both academic success and fulfilling career pathways.

Western Massachusetts

Our Western Massachusetts community is growing quickly. Nestled alongside the scenic Berkshires, just a couple hours from New York City, the cities of Springfield and Holyoke present a unique combination of opportunity for impact and an affordable lifestyle in a beautiful setting. The district has formed a partnership with Empower Schools to work with its struggling middle school in a new initiative called the Springfield Empowerment Zone (SEPZ). An influx of fresh talent is growing as school operators like Phoenix Charter Academy and UP Education Network leverage their learnings and resources from the Boston area for impact in Western Massachusetts. In nearby Holyoke, where our region has begun our newest partnership, Mayor Alex B. Morse is making moves to revitalize Holyoke as a national hub for entrepreneurs and empowering citizens to lead the city’s path to prosperity.

All three sub-regions offer distinct, powerful opportunities to help us ensure all students in Massachusetts can access a world-class education.

Learn more about teaching in Massachusetts, including where Teach For America places corps members within the state, salary information, and details on certification and training.


Students economically disadvantaged statewide


Students economically disadvantaged in communities where Teach For America serves

“It is important for me as a man of color to be a force in the education movement because many of the decisions made that impact students in under resourced communities are not made by people who reflect the backgrounds and experiences of those in the communities the policies most directly affect.”

Kwame Adams

Massachusetts Corps Member 2014

Our Regional Partners

We value our partnerships with local schools, districts, universities, businesses, and other organizations. Our partners play a critical role in creating opportunities for children in our communities.