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TFA Logistics + Q&A

January 25, 2022

Get the inside scoop from a TFA recruiter on salary & benefits, training & support, the certification process, and choosing your work location. The first 20 minutes will address the most common questions we receive:

1. What and where will I teach?
2. What will my salary and finances look like?
3. How does teacher certification work?
4. How will I be trained and supported?

We will end with 10 additional minutes of Q&A with a recruiter, at which point you can get your specific questions answered. We will also be sending follow-up resources ahead of our October 15th deadline. We hope to see you there!

Abhinav will share his experience transitioning from a leader in the classroom to the medical field. Through this Q&A forum we will explore the various paths to becoming an advocate for education and equity in the medical sector. Come ready to ask Abhinav anything - from questions about his experience in the corps, to the challenges and opportunities he’s faced in healthcare. We hope to see you there!

Building financial literacy has great potential to empower communities. Systemic inequity in our nation is often a catalyst for lack of access to financial literacy and resources that would allow the building of personal and generational wealth, and widening the wealth gap. Join us for this workshop as we learn more about how to empower communities through financial literacy and explore financial tips for your own life and career.

As the heat of the planet rises, so too does the pressure on rising generations to find solutions to heal our environment. Such pressure gives rise to a new climate-induced crisis: our own mental health. How is climate change altering the way we relate to stress and trauma, our decisions about our future, and the increased disparities experienced by marginalized communities? Join us as we sit at the intersection of climate change, social justice, and mental health and discuss how we can all contribute to the harmony of our world and our own inner peace.

Our nation has never existed without racism, marginalization, and oppression. What does a world without these harms look like and is it possible to create this world in our lifetimes? Join us as we imagine a future of equity, and discuss what it will take to get there, and how we all can move toward creating a world where all people can freely enjoy civil rights and humanity.

Music has the power to inspire, evoke powerful emotion, and heal our communities. In this event, we will explore the connection between music and health, explaining why music’s redemptive power may hold more potential than we realize. How does music speak to people in ways language cannot? Why is music education vitally important, especially to those who are most in need? Change starts small. It can begin with something as simple as a daily artistic practice, a creative habit. But over time, that small commitment to our creativity will blossom and ripple through our communities in a way that connects us to our greater humanity.

Join us as disability and inclusion activist Imani Barbarin discusses what we can do to dismantle our deeply embedded ableist tendencies to create more inclusive communities.

Clearing away clutter can help you make healthier choices, improve your relationships, and cultivate a more balanced life. Join Kenika Williams, professional home organizer and TFA alum, as she talks through the power of spending 30 minutes a day for a week to declutter practically any space that you inhabit. She'll give you a blueprint on the best way to navigate decluttering your space, resources that will personalize this work for you, and and set the foundation for focus, balance, and impact. 

Unwritten rules about gender conformity are pervasive in our society, and especially in our schools which should function as inclusive, safe, and brave spaces for students. Policies and guidelines that support gender expansive individuals are few and far between, and the lack of such protections can dramatically impact our environment and experiences. Join us for a discussion on gender identity, equity, and how we can work toward inclusivity together. 

Mindful self-compassion combines the skills of mindfulness and self-compassion to enhance our emotional well-being. While mindfulness increases our awareness of the present, self-compassion encourages greater kindness and understanding of periods of suffering. Individuals who are more self-compassionate tend to have greater happiness, life satisfaction and motivation, and overall better physical and mental health. Join Marisha Dixon, Wellness Leader and TFA alum, as she talks through how to become more self-compassionate, use self-compassion practices, and harness empathy for growth and impact.

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