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Why Access to Opportunity Matters

Sandra Godina was driven to join Teach For America because she believes all children should have the opportunity to lead successful and prosperous lives.

By Sandra Godina

February 21, 2019

A Good Education Opens Up Possibilities

Sandra Godina (Dallas-Fort Worth ‘13) is grateful for the advantages she received through her education. She knew she wanted to pursue a career where she could provide the same possibilities for others. By joining Teach For America, she became part of a close network of leaders working to provide all students with access to life-changing opportunities.

I grew up in Lawrenceville, Georgia. In terms of my K-12 education, I was a Latina student in a predominately white neighborhood. The high school that I attended was very well-resourced. I had access to lots of advanced classes, and I knew that college would be an option for me.

I went to the University of Georgia to study education. I wanted to be a teacher. I knew that I wanted to seek an organization that would provide some sort of mission-alignment, because being a public school teacher in the United States is incredibly difficult.

When I learned about Teach For America and their mission, I knew that it would be the right fit for me. They believed that all children should have access to the opportunity to make the choices for themselves that would lead them to have successful and prosperous lives. What I also understood was that there were hundreds of Teach For America alumni across the country doing incredible work, not just inside the classroom but also beyond it. That for me was also really exciting.