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Education Transformed My Life

Leticia Huerta’s life was transformed by the educational opportunities she had growing up. Now she hopes to do the same for the next generation of students as a 2017 San Antonio corps member.

By Leticia Huerta

January 31, 2019

I’m Here Today Because My Teachers Believed in Me

Leticia Huerta (San Antonio ‘17) credits her success to the teachers who believed in her and the opportunities she accessed through her education. Growing up as a bilingual student from a low-income family, Leticia feels a personal connection to Teach For America’s mission and the students she serves.

TFA's goal is achieving educational equity for every single student no matter their identity. That really resonated with me because I was bilingual and I also was low income. There could have been limitations for me and they could have been something that made me not get to where I am, but because of the teachers that I had and the opportunities education opened up to me, I was able to get where I'm at right now. I wanted to do the same thing for students, or at least just make them believe that they're capable no matter how much money their parents make, or what their native language was.