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Professional Development Opportunities for Alumni in Baltimore

This year we've expanded our learning community model to meet the professional development needs of our growing alumni base. Explore opportunities and support that align with your career interests.

A group of TFA alumni working together at a dining room table.

August 30, 2018

Alumni Learning Communities

These communities are more participant-driven and offer intentional, collective-impact spaces where alumni who have similar interests and professional goals can gather. Alumni will learn from one another and, when appropriate, a facilitator, around a topic or skill of their choosing. 

2018 Learning Communities

  • Affinity Spaces: Understanding the Lens of My Racial Identity
  • Assistant Principals and Teacher Support Professional Learning Community
  • Baltimore as Our Classroom
  • Conscious Discipline Book Club
  • Content Collaborators
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Early Childhood Professional Learning Community
  • Learning Baltimore’s History: A Book Study
  • Model Teacher Portfolio
  • Principals’ Quarterly Roundtable
  • Rising School Leaders Monthly Kitchen Table
  • Rising School Leaders Summer Fellowship
  • School Organizing Fellowship
  • Social Entrepreneurs Roundtable
  • Social Entrepreneurs 1.0: Early Innovators Professional Learning Community
  • Understanding the City’s Ed Policy Landscape: Learning & Advocating Around the Kirwan Commission
  • Women in Leadership: Systems Leadership

View descriptions of each learning community.

Interested in leading an alumni learning community not currently offered? Complete a proposal!

Build skills around your areas of interest through expert-led conferences, multi-part workshops, and summits.

Alumni Learning Experiences

Alumni learning experiences include conferences, multi-part workshops, and summits that are expert-led to hone specific skills and areas of interest. These experiences may be more lecture-focused, but still seek to offer a space to build community through common interests and fuel collective impact.

Contact Maggie Master, Director of Leadership Development, for more information about upcoming learning experiences, travel, and conference reimbursement.

Find a role in education that is the right fit for you.

Talent Matching

Along with developing strong leaders, our team is committed to maximizing alumni talent by offering career services to those looking to find a role in education that is the right fit.

Our career services team, Pipelines, works one-on-one with our corps members and alumni, as well as hiring managers and decision-makers, to make strong matches in roles that impact students.

We've created a talent sourcing engine to recruit and retain our leaders to fill high impact roles in Baltimore education—from curriculum writers to CFOs of nonprofits.

Get Started Today

If you would like to learn how our Pipelines team can support you and your career aspirations, or if you're looking for great talent to fill a position, contact Dara Brooks.

If you are specifically interested in public office or policy roles, contact Taylor Stewart.