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PopClass Replay with Sal Khan

Catch Sal Khan’s session “Khan Do Attitude: Reimagining the Classroom While Unlearning Traditional Teaching”

By The TFA Editorial Team

April 28, 2020

Monday night’s TFA PopClass featured founder and CEO of Khan Academy, Sal Khan. He shared insight on the shift to digital classrooms, unlearning traditional teaching methods and the impact online education is having on teachers and families at this time of social distancing. Change agents like you were inspired by his story.

Khan Do Attitude: Reimagining the Classroom While Unlearning Traditional Teaching

Listen to Sal Khan share his insight on virtual learning and traditional teaching with moderator Antonio Saunders.

Here’s what PopClass participants said:

“Internet access should be a universal human right.”

“I feel like so many of these issues are ultimately rooted in inequity, both at school and at home, and we can only truly progress and decrease these issues by working on equity.”

“Imagine what this could look like- using data-driven practices to support each child. It takes time to have this customized approach but why can't we imagine this and then design to support it?! ”

“Truly being intentional with lesson formatting and taking the time to meet the students where they are - that’s true preparation. Spitting information at students isn’t preparation. Takes me back to the other pop class… access to the information is not INCLUSION.”

“Thank you so much! I feel like a celebrity answered my question!”

“Thank you Sal! You're an inspiration to me and my future students.”

“Thank you so much! for being here and for helping us all through school!”