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PopClass Replay with Dan Lerner

Catch Dan Lerner’s session “Happiness Helps: Practicing Happiness During Trying Times”

By The TFA Editorial Team

May 6, 2020

Monday night’s TFA PopClass featured founder and NYU Professor and “Happiness Expert” Dan Lerner. He shared insight on how we can maintain and protect our happiness in the midst of confusion and change. Change agents like you were inspired by his story.

'Science of Happiness' professor at NYU | PopClass

Listen to Dan Lerner share his insight on maintaining and protecting your happiness in the midst of confusion and change.

To our PopClass attendees, thank you so much for joining us during this dynamic series. Your commentary, questions, and amazing conversation made social distancing a little less isolating and much more meaningful.

As a bonus thank you, here are the resources shared during the last PopClass: 

Stay tuned for more exclusive and community building events!

Here’s what participants said during Dan Lerner’s PopClass:

“Thank you for holding these classes, they’ve been amazing!”

“Wish I could see all of your faces tonight! I hope you are all doing well :) happy to be here with you tonight!”

“Thank you Dan and Soukprida!! This filled my soul!”

“Thank you all! I'm feeling so uplifted!”

“Thank you so much for a thorough answer. This talk has been absolutely incredible!”

“Thank you Dan! This is the highlight of my week!”

“Dan is the man!”

“This is some rich information! I can barely keep up!”