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student and parents discuss life and learning during the pandemic
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COVID-19: Community Voices

Students and parents open up about life and learning while schools are closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

April 27, 2020

The TFA Editorial Team

The TFA Editorial Team

With schools closed across the country because of the COVID-19 outbreak, families are being forced to adapt to challenges few could have planned for. For many students, school has moved online or to other distance-learning models, while others are left without school for the time being. Parents, meanwhile, must adapt to new economic uncertainties and, often, homeschooling their children. With so much change happening so quickly, we are checking in with regularly with students and their parents or guardians to hear how they are coping with these challenges and adjusting to their new normal.

This High School Junior Wonders If School Will Return Next Fall

She shares what it was like to observe Ramadan in a pandemic, and how she's restructured her summer plans.  Read

Celebrating May Have to Wait

A recent high school graduate reflects on starting a new chapter of life when the future is full of unknowns. Read

Teach For America Student Xavier Ada

Online School, Long Naps, and Lots of Homework

A New York City teenager tells us about keeping up with schoolwork, planning for her future, and how she stays sane while social distancing. Read

Teach For America student Rosalie Bobbett

More Bonding Time, Even If Life Can Be Overwhelming

For online school, this single mom sets up all five of her kids in her bedroom, with chairs pulled up to bureaus, nightstands, and any hard surface available. Read

Young Boy Writing

Nothing Feels Normal Anymore

High school junior Rosie Molina shares how she is coping while juggling remote learning, a part-time job, and an uncertain future. Read.

Teach For America student Rosie Molina

So Many Missed Milestones for High School Seniors

Forget downtime: High school senior Aaliyah is working part-time during the pandemic while applying for scholarships and crafting her graduation speech.    Read

Aaliyah working on computer

A ‘Hope Dealer’ and Her Kids Face Online School Together

A teacher and mom of three says her family will ‘power through with grace,’ despite the challenges of life during the pandemic. Read

Teach For America corps member Katie Bellah with her family at the park

‘I Walked Out of My High School for the Last Time Without Knowing It’

A high school senior shares all the feelings that come with approaching a big milestone in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Read

Teach For America student and high school senior Emma Logan

This Family Has Quickly Adapted to a New Routine

While fourth grader Judah would prefer to return to school, her father sees bright sides to at-home education.  Read

Fourth Grader Judah at Computer

How These Film Students Look at COVID-19 Through a Different Lens

Six student leaders share how they’re shifting their focus during the coronavirus quarantine. Read

Teach For America alum Rob Garza

Enjoying Time Together, Despite This 'Nightmare'

A third grader and his mom share how they’re finding moments of joy in the gloom of the coronavirus pandemic. Read

Teach For America Kansas City Student Jose Manrrique and his cat Whiskers

Lifeguarding Dreams Put on Hold by the Pandemic

Two Las Vegas high school juniors and aspiring lifeguards offer a glimpse of their lives now that school is closed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Read

Student Beamber Davis

'I'm Ready to Go Back to School'

A teen and her aunt offer a glimpse at what life and learning look like in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic. Read

a student engaging in online school because of the coronavirus school closings

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