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Student Voices Stories

Student Voices

Five First-Time Voters on the 2020 Election

by Jessica Fregni

October 27, 2020


Stories Matter

October 9, 2020

LatinX Community

Passing the Mic: 3 Latinx Student Leaders Share Their Hopes and Advice

by Sara-Kay Mooney

October 6, 2020

Student Voices

North Carolina Students on the Future of School

by Kate Brown and Sara-Kay Mooney

August 31, 2020

Student Voices

9 Students Share How They Really Feel About Going Back to School

by Madeleine Burry, Jessica Fregni, and Laura Zingg

August 24, 2020

Student Voices

The Future of School, as Told by Students

by Kate Brown and Sara-Kay Mooney

August 4, 2020


Celebrating May Have to Wait

by Laura Zingg

June 17, 2020

Student Voices

High Schoolers on What Success Means to Them

by Sanai Metoyer, Carlos Jimenez, Harrison Yazzie, and Gabrielle Taylor

June 9, 2020

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