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Latinx Alliances

The Latinx Alliances strives to be the most connected, active, thriving, and culturally responsive Latinx leadership network in pursuit for educational equity in the United States. Together, we form una fuerza of over 7,000 Latinx corps members, alumni, and staff.
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About Latinx Alliances

Our Mission is to clear a path for the Latinx community to shape a child-centric educational ecosystem by connecting and forging partners and collaborators so that Latinxs can achieve their full educational, economic, social potential and power.

We do this by:

  • Providing access, insights, resources, and leadership development opportunities through partners and collaborators to help TFA community members thrive in their chosen profession and become leaders in all capacities, including executive-level leadership positions.
  • Advocating for successful, smart, actionable and timely policies and regulations that serve students, allowing them to be visionaries in the face of an uncertain future.

Why we say "Latinx"

At Teach For America, we aspire to be an all-inclusive organization. This is why our community has decided to use the term Latinx. The "x" makes the word “Latino” gender-neutral and inclusive of genders outside of the male-female binary. Latinx includes people of Latin American descent of diverse cultural, national, racial, indigenous, and linguistic backgrounds. Additionally, Latinx is inclusive of individuals whose gender identities fluctuate along different points of the spectrum from gender or nonbinary to gender non-conforming, genderqueer, genderfluid, and intersex. To learn more about the origins of “Latinx,” listen to this interview from Latino USA.

Latinx Summit Familia Guides 2019 Latinx Summit. Elisa Villanueva Beard and Latinx community. TFA Latinx community members.

Our familia.

Resources & Leadership Building

Our work would not be possible without our national Latinx partners and collaborators. Explore resources for advocating for and supporting Latinx students and families, at any stage of your career.

Events & Media

Explore events at Teach for America, stories from our communities, and related videos below.

See More on the Equity Hub

Dive into Teach For America's library of streamable events, podcasts, and articles. Among this collection are inspiring moments with thought-leaders in social justice, professional development, educational equity, and wellness. Take the time today to learn something new, find new ways to grow, and shift your perspective.

Expand Life Opportunities for Latinx Students

One in six Latinx students attends a high school where graduating isn’t the norm. In classrooms across the country, our corps members are working with passion and commitment in giving their students an education that will change and expand life opportunities for Latinx students.

Become part of Teach for America and discover what's possible.

Get to know Elisa Villanueva Beard, CEO of TFA

Elisa Villanueva Beard wears many hats: she's a mother, wife, CEO, proud Latina, and received an honorary mention as Latina Exec of the year from Latina Style. Watch as Elisa, also known as EVB, describes the journey that galvanized her lifelong commitment to educational equity.

Join Our Staff

We’re deeply humbled to be recognized as a great place to work by both Fortune and Latina Style. Latinxs are leaders at all levels of our staff. View the roles we have open for you.

For the Immigrant and Refugee Community

We believe that all children, regardless of immigration status, are entitled to pursue an education and a successful path contributing to society without fear of deportation. We’re committed to recruiting eligible individuals who are DACA recipients or who hold one of these other Employment Authorization Documents (EADs). Read more about joining TFA as an immigrant or refugee.

Candelario Cervantez

Candelario Cervantez

National Senior Managing Director of Community Accountability & Partnerships Office of Equity and Belonging

Candelario Cervantez (he, him, his, él) is a business executive who is committed to opening educational opportunities to historically underrepresented and underserved minority populations and a champion for educational equity and excellence. Candelario is also a strong advocate of the promotion and advancement of diverse leaders in all industries.

What does our logo mean?

What does our logo mean?

The icon for the Latinx Alliances was designed using the sun, a common symbol seen in art, literature, and clothing from Latinx communities. It symbolizes life and energy while denoting flourishing nature and positive energy. The concentric circles convey the interconnectedness of past, present and future generations.

Logo includes an artistic rendering of the sun and reads: Latinx Alliances Teach For America