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Our Network and Communities During COVID-19 Our Network and Communities During COVID-19

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Teach For America’s network is supporting students, families, and each other through the coronavirus pandemic and school closures with wellness and teaching resources, community giving, virtual support spaces, and more.

COVID-19 has changed so much for millions of students across the nation. But for low-income communities families, the coronavirus pandemic is especially devastating. The inequities within our health and education systems, and the fragility of our safety nets, are only worsened by this virus. And the communities we serve are suffering the most for it.

Read a letter of support from our CEO, Elisa Villanueva Beard, and learn more about the Teach For America network is rising to the challenge of COVID-19 school closures by putting students and families first.

Teacher Resource Hub

Check out these resources to help support and guide your work as a leader and in expanding educational equity. 


Supporting Homeless Families Through COVID-19

Patrick Doggett (Philadelphia ‘04) is a physician who works for Project Home, a nonprofit that supports low-income communities and homeless citizens of Philadelphia. Through the pandemic, Patrick has seen homeless citizens being left behind in the city's efforts to test and treat COVID-19, and he worries about how this will exacerbate existing health disparities in the city. Patrick shares advice for those who want to support homeless families in their communities.

COVID-19: Community Voices

“COVID-19: Community Voices" is a new series in which students, parents and guardians, and other members of our communities candidly share how they are affected by—and coping with—school closings, social distancing, and other challenges created by coronavirus school closures. Read our stories below. 

Stories From Our Network

Food insecurity and lack of access to high-speed internet or computers at home are just a few of the obstacles that millions of students and families from low-income communities are struggling with as a result of COVID-19 school closures. Learn how our network of corps members and alumni are helping students and their families in the face of these exceptional challenges. Read our stories below.

Supporting our Educators

Teachers are being asked to do more than ever before to support students, all while coping with the challenges and uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic on a personal level. Read more about how the TFA network is supporting educators with wellness tips, resources for virtual teaching, and more. Read our stories below.

Share Your Experiences with COVID-19

We want to hear from you. Share your experiences with virtual learning, teaching, and parenting through the coronavirus pandemic, or suggest other stories about COVID-19 for us to pursue, by emailing us at: