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There's a climate of innovation that’s gaining momentum across Indianapolis schools and districts. And it's opening up new opportunities for kids.
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Over the last decade, Indianapolis (affectionately known as "Indy") has risen as a national leader on the front lines of innovation in P-12 education. More than any other urban city in the country, you'll find schools, communities, nonprofits, government entities, companies, and foundations working together towards a common mission of equity for our kids.

Collective action for educational equity is not only a result of the city's relational culture—but a moral imperative. By the time Indianapolis students are 10 years old, they are grade levels behind their more affluent suburban peers. Alarmingly, the ELA proficiency rates for students attending public schools with in the geographic boundary of Indianapolis Public Schools is 20 percentage points lower than the state average. Meanwhile, Black students were nearly 30 percentage points lower than their white counterparts.

Fortunately, a movement for change is gaining momentum in the Circle City. And, as is true in any successful endeavor, wherever you see strong results, you find diverse coalitions of breakthrough leaders driving the effort. Teach For America has come to play an essential role as a primary source of leaders who expand opportunity for children from classrooms, schools, and every sector and field that shapes the broader systems in which schools operate.

Living and Teaching Here

Living and Teaching Here

Indianapolis is in the midst of an exciting citywide revitalization throughout its numerous entertainment venues, festivals, parks, restaurants, and sporting arenas. Downtown Indianapolis is home to Canal Walk, with its beautiful scenery and close proximity to some of the city’s most popular cultural institutions. Art enthusiasts will appreciate Massachusetts Avenue, also known as "Indy's answer to SoHo," and Broadripple. Both have a wide array of art galleries, theaters, unique eateries and nightlife.

Corps members teach in more than 50 different public district, innovation, and charter schools throughout the city. Whether teaching across the hall or participating in the numerous social and advocacy events Indy has to offer, the close-knit Teach For America community is thriving on collaboration and connection here in the city.

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“I recognized there was something special brewing in Indy, a place where leaders were aligning on a cohesive education strategy that relied heavily on young professionals.”

Kyle Bender

Teach For America Indianapolis Alum

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Our Community Vision

Our Community Vision

Through an empowering education, we envision the day when all Indianapolis children lead lives of their choosing and collectively contribute to a more vibrant and just city. 

We are making progress towards that day in Indy. Today, Indiana is among a group of national leaders in educational outcomes, the city of Indianapolis is catching up with the state, and more kids from low-income backgrounds have access to educational and life opportunity than ever before.

Yet, we have a long way to go to reach equitable outcomes for all students and families in our community. As we transition to looking forward towards the next 20 years, the progress we make for our kids and our community must be accelerated. We believe deeply in what we have seen so far and know that the progress moving forward must be deeply rooted in critical hope.

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Community Conditions 

There are multiple systemic conditions that need to be satisfied over time to reach this community vision, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Every school must be excellent.
  2. A network of services that meet basic human needs must be available to all kids.
  3. Expanded post-secondary, employment, and capital opportunity must be accessible to children of all backgrounds.
  4. Our policy environment must foster equity, be responsive to the needs of our most vulnerable children, and translate insights from proof points of possibility and scale them into broader practice.

TFA Indy's Role

Through 2023, informed by our community vision, conditions to reach this vision, and a point on view on what we need in the near-term, we'll pursue the following core priorities:

Meet Our Staff


Senior Managing Director, Development & Staff

Anna Watson



Darius sawyers

Senior Managing Director, Alumni & Talent

Darius Sawyers



Richard Morris

Senior Managing Director, Partnerships

Richard Morris

South Carolina


Felipe cuatecontzi

Director, Development & Public Affairs

Felipe Cuatecontzi



randy pease

Director, Network Impact

Randy Pease



Meet Our Board

Aman Brar

CEO, Jobvite

Aman Brar

Emil Ekiyor

CEO, InnoPower Indy

Emil Ekiyor

Geoffrey Fenelus

Insurance Advisor, NFP

Geoffrey Fenelus


Partner, The City Fund

David Harris

Michael Huber

President & CEO, Indy Chamber

Michael Huber

Superintendent, Indianapolis Public Schools

Aleesia Johnson, Ed.D.

New Jersey


JA Lacy

President & CEO, LDI, LTD.

J.A. Lacy

Christina Ricks

Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Eskenazi Health

Christina M. Ricks, M.D.

Larry Smith

Founder & CEO, Leading Edge Advisory Firm

Larry Smith

Andrew Strope

Deputy Superintendent, Indianapolis Public Schools

Andrew Strope



Dr. Elcira Villarreal

Retired Director of Global Scientific Communications - Oncology Eli Lilly and Company

Elcira Villarreal, Ph.D.

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