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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Alumni

Why this and Career Connect?

The new Alumni Directory is a digital platform aimed at strengthening our alumni network by creating easier pathways for alumni to connect, collaborate, and build community as impact-oriented professionals. You can use the directory to search for alumni by their ed equity interests and affinities. Think of it as a virtual phone book of 38,000+ alumni in the network.


On the other hand, TFA Career Connect is the place to go for browsing / searching for jobs, talent, and organizations who are interested in hiring TFA alumni and corps members. When looking to establish career connections or explore new job opportunities, you can also use it to gain access to others in the network beyond fellow alumni, as corps members, staff members, and non-alumni recruiters / employer partners can all access TFA Career Connect as well.


The best thing about having access to both tools, is that you can start with one and then supplement it with the other, depending on your connecting needs!