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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Alumni

Why this and Career Connect?

The Alumni Hub serves as a baseline launchpad that is external-facing and requires no log in. While there are career opportunities and employer partners visible on this platform, they represent only about 10% of those offered on TFA Career Connect and are intended as a preview of what we can offer.


TFA Career Connect will continue to serve as our digital solution for a national job board and networking platform for corps members, alumni, and employers/recruiters. This platform allows job seekers to look for roles, apply for roles, message prospective employers, share their resume, and network with other alumni working for their target employers and/or working in a region of interest. Employers can quickly find those actively looking for a role and download their resumes. TFA Career Connect is the only place you can do these things. Currently, over 16,000 alumni and 1,000 employers have active accounts on TFA Career Connect. This product requires log in to use ensuring that only TFA alumni have access to these exclusive job opportunities.