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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions My Interview

Who will my interviewer be?

All Teach For America interviewers are full-time staff members. Your interviewers can be from anywhere within the organization. Some may be former corps members, others have come to us from other career paths. Regardless of how they came to work for Teach For America, all of our interviewers are passionate in their work towards educational equity.

During your interview, your interviewer will engage with you in a variety of different ways, from participating in your sample lesson as a student to sharing additional evidence in the case activity, and asking more traditional interview questions during the personal interview. Please note that your interviewer will be taking notes during all parts of the interview and might move you forward to the next question due to limited time. We realize that many of the questions you’ll be asked to reflect on could be full discussions on their own. However, since your interview is only 90 minutes long, it’s likely that your interviewer will need to guide you to the next question. Regardless, we hope that your interview time will not only allow you to learn more about Teach For America but also creates an opportunity to genuinely connect with a member of our network!

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