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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions The Recommendation Process

Who should I list as my recommenders?

Please choose two recommenders to fill out an online form about your potential to join the corps. Recommenders should be individuals who have supervised your work or have been in a position to guide or evaluate your work within the past 3-5 years.

Examples include managers, supervisors, professors, advisers, or coaches. We do not recommend selecting colleagues, peers, family members, and family friends. You can prepare by reviewing how to successfully complete your recommenders list and our guidance below.

Our online recommendation form is designed to learn more about how you demonstrate the characteristics we look for in our corps members. Our form consists of short answer response questions, asking your recommenders to reflect on your specific strengths. It typically takes 30 minutes to one hour to complete.

If You are a Student

We recommend selecting recommenders who can speak to different aspects of your work. For example, you might choose the first recommender from an academic setting and the second recommender from a job or extracurricular activity.

If You are a Professional

Your recommender should be someone who has observed you in an academic, work (paid or volunteer), or leadership setting and can speak to your unique skills, mindset, and accomplishments. A current or former manager is a great option, but if this is not possible you can also consider former professors, mentors, or supervisors on projects you've been a part of. For a second recommender, you might select a previous manager from the same organization, a manager from another organization, or someone from one of the other categories. If you work in a school, we recommend asking a principal or assistant principal who is familiar with your work.

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