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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Financial Supports

What is Need-Based Financial Support?

Teach For America offers all corps members a baseline support stipend to assist with the transitional costs of joining the corps.

- The 2022 baseline transitional stipend is a $5,000 grant.
- For all incoming 2022 corps members who are Pell and/or DACA+ recipients or who identify as coming from a low-income background but who did not receive a Pell grant because of how their education was financed, the baseline transitional stipend is a $10,000 grant. We recognize that there may be additional financial need for some corps members as they make this transition. Financial packages of no-interest loans and grants are designed to assist with these additional transitional costs including, but not limited to:

* Testing and certification fees
* Travel to the region where you will teach
* Relocation expenses

Packages are provided during Pre-Service Training and are based on an applicant's demonstrated need, cost of moving, and cost of living expenses in your assigned region before receiving your first paycheck. Need-based grants and loans are not intended to offset credit card debt, student loan or tuition payments, or any car-related costs.

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