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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Ignite Fellowship

What if I need to miss a day of the Ignite Fellowship?

Research on high-impact tutoring shows that tutor consistency is critical to students feeling safe and growing academically. In addition to impeding student impact, fellow absences cause logistical complications and require additional work forIgnite Site Leaders, other fellows, and staff at your assigned school. For these reasons, we take attendance very seriously and ask that you commit to a goal of 100% attendance during the Fellowship. 

We expect fellows to schedule foreseeable obligations such as travel plans, doctor's visits, and meetings with professors, at times that do not conflict with their tutoring schedule. If an absence is truly unavoidable due to extenuating circumstances beyond your control (e.g., a significant illness or medical emergency, family emergency or bereavement, an exam that cannot be made-up at another time, etc.), we expect fellows to give their Ignite Site Leaders as much advance notice as possible. 

If at any time before or during the semester you determine that you will need to miss multiple tutoring sessions for any reason (e.g., international travel with no access to wifi, planned medical procedure, etc.), please share this immediately with both Ignite ( and your Ignite Site Leader so we may consider your specific circumstances and determine whether you can continue in the Fellowship. 

Please note: fellow financial awards are based on strong, consistent attendance. Repeated absence may result in a delay or reduction of your financial award, and can result in dismissal from the Fellowship.